Thursday, 9 April 2020

What are the preventive action against Covid-19 Virus

Coronavirus has affected almost all over in the world, Today I am writing this to take preventive action against COVID-19. I think this is a war, and war against virus. Now, when I am writing this blog, bellow is the status of the world.

I don't know how long will it go. Can't wait to here - At the last COVID-19 has gone

Preventive action against COVID-19 

1. First thing, you should stay at home to avoid contact from an infected person ( Those who are housewife, children, and the old person above 60 yrs should be at home. One person from your house should go out to bring essential items to bring from outside. And 

2. When you come before steeping in house sanitise your hand and directly go to the bathroom and have a bath and wash all your clothes. keep brought out items in the balcony and keep it at-least for 24 hrs. and use it after you wash those items. if its packed items for eg. milk packet you should wash it.

3. When you go out the mask on your face, and rub with sanitizer before going out.

4. Do not touch your face, nose, or eyes at any cost. If you want to touch then clean your hands with soap or sanitizer.

5. Keep social distance for at least 3 foot from every person.

6. Eat vitamin C content foods, for eg. Lemon, Oranges, Dates etc. To boost your immune system.

7. Daily exercise and take a cold water bath also do pranayama and molar I.e meditation.
These are some of the action, which we can take action as individually. If everyone will take care of himself and his family. Then, only we can fight with this coronavirus. Police and doctors are doing their work so, it's our duty to stay at home and be safe.

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