Monday, 13 April 2020

How to download movies on mobile easily for free

When we search online for free movies on google they give a list of websites. Beware, as the free website has lots of infected viruses and if you click on download button you may end up with virus installed in your mobile phone.

Many people might know how to download movies on their phone but i am writing for those who don't know how to download on a mobile phone. I am going to show you the easiest way to download a movie on your phone.

Obviously, there are many sites and apps where you can download movies or stream online, most popular you will tell me is through u torrent software, where you have to search for a torrent site like kickass torrents and pirate bay. But this works only on a computer,
if you want to download on a mobile phone then Utorrent app doesn't work.

Even many websites offer apk file type app to download such as Show box, popcorn time terrarium tv, movie HD, plus.  

I found is Telegram which is the easiest app to download and this app is available on Playstore.

When you open telegram app search for Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies and here you will find many movies and web series cannel join these channel and here you will find, this is very easy to download. 

Just click on down arrow and download will start and when it gets finished you can click on three dots and select save to download, this file will save on your mobile phone.

Here you can also download Netflix series, amazon prime videos, Zee 5 videos, Hotstar and many more movies for free. 

My point of view, this is the best and easy method to download any movies on your mobile phone.

Another app i can suggest is popcorn times, this app is not available on play store and they mostly provide Hollywood movies, there is less number of Bollywood movies.

This app is also very easy to handle and you can save to your mobile phone very easily. for, this app to download you have to search on a web browser for popcorn time and download its apk file and install on your phone.

If you are using a computer then I suggest you should go through the torrent site and download, here download speed is high and has a resume facility.

I am written this post to how to download from a mobile phone, I have tried many apps but most works is telegram app go download this app from play store and download movies on your phone and enjoy.

Thanks, if you have any suggestion then you can comment me in the comment box.

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