Saturday, 25 April 2020

How much refund will i get return form Tirupati balaji in lockdown

Now, we are in a lockdown period where no one can go outside of their house. However, some may have booked tickets of train and flight and rooms in a vacation place. Here I am going to tell you how much money you will get from Tirupati Balaji if you cancel your room and darshan tickets.

Tirupati Balaji is a holy place where people visit here in thousands and in summer may be in lacks.

People might be confused about whether to cancel tickets or not and if I cancel tickets then, How much money will i get in return. 

Even i booked rooms and darshan in Tirupati Balaji in this summer and due to covid-19 lockdown, we are not able to go in the temple.

When you cancel the room in Tirumala you will get the full amount from the temple. I myself cancelled A/c rooms tickets and I got a full refund with deposit amount from the temple. They will refund your money in the same mode of payment when you did while booking.

But, you will also get a refund if you have booked Darshan of Rs.300. you have the provision of cancellation but they did give your money for Darshan booking. So, you can cancel this booking as you will get a full refund.

So, Stay at Home be safe and cancel all your booking.

Monday, 13 April 2020

How to download movies on mobile easily for free

When we search online for free movies on google they give a list of websites. Beware, as the free website has lots of infected viruses and if you click on download button you may end up with virus installed in your mobile phone.

Many people might know how to download movies on their phone but i am writing for those who don't know how to download on a mobile phone. I am going to show you the easiest way to download a movie on your phone.

Obviously, there are many sites and apps where you can download movies or stream online, most popular you will tell me is through u torrent software, where you have to search for a torrent site like kickass torrents and pirate bay. But this works only on a computer,
if you want to download on a mobile phone then Utorrent app doesn't work.

Even many websites offer apk file type app to download such as Show box, popcorn time terrarium tv, movie HD, plus.  

I found is Telegram which is the easiest app to download and this app is available on Playstore.

When you open telegram app search for Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies and here you will find many movies and web series cannel join these channel and here you will find, this is very easy to download. 

Just click on down arrow and download will start and when it gets finished you can click on three dots and select save to download, this file will save on your mobile phone.

Here you can also download Netflix series, amazon prime videos, Zee 5 videos, Hotstar and many more movies for free. 

My point of view, this is the best and easy method to download any movies on your mobile phone.

Another app i can suggest is popcorn times, this app is not available on play store and they mostly provide Hollywood movies, there is less number of Bollywood movies.

This app is also very easy to handle and you can save to your mobile phone very easily. for, this app to download you have to search on a web browser for popcorn time and download its apk file and install on your phone.

If you are using a computer then I suggest you should go through the torrent site and download, here download speed is high and has a resume facility.

I am written this post to how to download from a mobile phone, I have tried many apps but most works is telegram app go download this app from play store and download movies on your phone and enjoy.

Thanks, if you have any suggestion then you can comment me in the comment box.

Saturday, 11 April 2020

How to download videos from YouTube on mobile

Every day, we watch videos on youtube to take information or just to listen to music and some time, internet speed becomes slow, and the video gets buffer. Due to youtube terms and condition, you cannot download videos directly from youtube. Many people might know what I am going to show you, but I am writing this for those who don't know the technique to download videos from YouTube. If you are trying to search app in play store by just seeing the logo, then you will not find this app. Often, people search on Playstore for the app but, due to terms and conditions of play store, you will not find any app. 


1. Firstly, you have to open your browser and go to is the official website of tubemate Here, you will find links to download apk of the app. the easiest way i found is by clicking on (up to down ) this file is about 7.18 MB in size. i have also given screenshot above to see how this website looks.

2. When apk file is downloaded in your mobile phone just install this app and if it's not getting install then turn on setting (unknown source) on. After installing, do remember to turn off the unknown source.

3. You will also need another app to download from Playstore. Search for mp3 video convertor or just click on this link mp3 video convertor. I have also shown how the logo of mp3 video convertor looks.
This mp3 video convertor is necessary, otherwise, you will not be able to download a video.

4. When you are on the tube mate app,  you can search for your favourite video you want to download or just copy the link from the original website and paste it over there, 

5. There you will see a red colour down arrow, and when you click on this arrow you will see a new window where you can select the quality of the video. and your video is downloaded within minutes.

6. Also, you can download videos in audio format in mp4 or mp3. If you want any song in the audio format then this is the easier and free source to download. I have also given a screenshot of how this app looks.

Thursday, 9 April 2020

What are the preventive action against Covid-19 Virus

Coronavirus has affected almost all over in the world, Today I am writing this to take preventive action against COVID-19. I think this is a war, and war against virus. Now, when I am writing this blog, bellow is the status of the world.

I don't know how long will it go. Can't wait to here - At the last COVID-19 has gone

Preventive action against COVID-19 

1. First thing, you should stay at home to avoid contact from an infected person ( Those who are housewife, children, and the old person above 60 yrs should be at home. One person from your house should go out to bring essential items to bring from outside. And 

2. When you come before steeping in house sanitise your hand and directly go to the bathroom and have a bath and wash all your clothes. keep brought out items in the balcony and keep it at-least for 24 hrs. and use it after you wash those items. if its packed items for eg. milk packet you should wash it.

3. When you go out the mask on your face, and rub with sanitizer before going out.

4. Do not touch your face, nose, or eyes at any cost. If you want to touch then clean your hands with soap or sanitizer.

5. Keep social distance for at least 3 foot from every person.

6. Eat vitamin C content foods, for eg. Lemon, Oranges, Dates etc. To boost your immune system.

7. Daily exercise and take a cold water bath also do pranayama and molar I.e meditation.
These are some of the action, which we can take action as individually. If everyone will take care of himself and his family. Then, only we can fight with this coronavirus. Police and doctors are doing their work so, it's our duty to stay at home and be safe.