Tuesday, 18 February 2020

How to book the cheapest flight tickets online

Passengers travelling by flight has increased and so booking tickets online. Most of the passengers book tickets online or from the travel agents. And they charge a conveyance fee from Rs. 200 to Rs. 400 per person and per flight. If you are booking a ticket from Make my trip then they will charge you conveyance fee of Rs. 250 per person and if you are booking the return ticket then they will charge you of Rs. 500. today, I am going to tell you, How to book the cheapest flight tickets online.

Here are some of the common tips you should keep in mind while booking flight tickets online

1. Please clear cookies and cache from your browser or open browser in incognito mode. The price will soar each time you search

2. Try to book tickets as early as possible as rates go higher when travelling dates come closer.

3.  Search for different websites to compare prices and offers they give you, most popular websites make my trip, Goibibo, and yatra.

The site which I am going to tell you will never give you a discount or cashback but, surely you will save a huge amount of money while booking tickets in the lot.

This website name is https://www.air.irctc.co.in here you will not get discounts or cashback but you can save more money.

If you don't agree you can try booking from this site and compare to try booking from other popular sites. You will save approx Rs.4000 to Rs. 5000 if you are booking 9 tickets in one shot.

They charge you a fixed amount of Rs. 59  conveyance fee, as per person per flight, which is lowest in the market.