Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Labour contract business with no investment good income

Labour contract  is a business in which you can earn money without any investment. Today, Labour contract business is in boom. If you want to start business without income then this will be your good choice. Many companies like manufacturing, building, stichting, gardening, cleaning requires manpower. If you have man power then you can start this business and you will earn commission on every person working under you.

Initially, you will require documents such as licence of labour contract, ESI, PF, GST and udyog Aadhar to start this business, if you approach any company they will ask for these documents. That time you should have documents ready to show them. You will require to open current account in any bank, prefer opening account in government bank. You will then require office to operate. While starting you can do this from your house. After you think that you are stable then rent a shop for your office.

Now, you will require candidates. You can put advertising in newspapers where you will get candidates to work. You also put on social network for your job placement. Or, you can visit places where there are not much industries, while you appointing candidates, collect all documents in Xerox copy of Aadhar card, pan card, address proof, and police verification. So, that if anything happens you can catch then.

In labour contract you can earn money in commission basis. If you are giving ₹10000 payment to your employees then you will get 10% commission from them. Take full payment from employer and give only 90% to your worker. In this way if you have 100 workers in your contract then you are approximately earning 1 lack ruppees in Indian currency. You can also earn money by saving your tax.

Initially you have to face problems of workers, but if you are good in communication then you can handle it. Even, you have to keep patience because when you start you might feel little hard to handle, but for this you have to keep patience, once you are there in business for about 6 months then it will be easy for you to handle situations, always speak politely with you worker and try to sort out their problems. You have to maintain muster attendance and make time to time payment to your worker.

This is a good business without any investment, you need investment only in making documents then your work starts.
Best of luck.


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