Friday, 2 November 2018

I want to make website like Amazon

If you are thinking that you want to make website like Amazon then is is very simple you just become a seller on Amazon. Yes, Amazon is only market place where you can sell your stuff online. when, you buy from amazon then you are not actually buying from amazon but from merchant who is selling on amazon. For selling on amazon, they take commission and delivers yours item. they not only delivers but also they come for pickup.

 This is the right time to start on Amazon, as it has just started. You will have big market place to sell. you will not only sell in your region, district or state but you are going to sell in your country. Think how big market place it is. 

If you are still thinking to start your own website like amazon then drop it and start selling on amazon. for selling on amazon you will only require GST number in India and bank account number.

It is very easy to register and when you start registering they call us and guide us. 

After registering, add products to your account to sell on amazon then select whether you are going to apply free delivery or you are applying any delivery cost, after that you can apply for ad on Amazon so that you came come up and seen by many people. ad is optional if you want.

then, after you got order you will have to pack the item and print what amazon has given in your login and don't forget to print label.

You have to assign a time for courier boy to come at your place. He picks up your parcel and delivers to customer and you get payment from amazon. that amazing isn't it. 

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