Sunday, 25 November 2018

Do we really need any antivirus for android phone.

The answer is NO, If you are thinking that antivirus will kill all your viruses from your phone, then you are thinking wrong, play store scans for viruses in every app which is present on it. Android is Linux base and it is safer than windows OS. All viruses are built for windows and windows virus does not enter in an android software. Platform for both software are different, and it is difficult to enter in android phone OS. Now a days android is becoming more secure and these virus makers doesn't know how to enter.

STILL, Your phone hangs up and do mischievous behavior and you think that my phone is attacked by virus. Yes, when you feel symptoms of virus attack, then your phone is attacked by virus. But, when this happens? 

Do not keep your mobile phone doors open to install apps in your phone. To close this door go to settings - privacy - unknown sources, if it is on then you might be allowing malicious apps to install on your phone. So, to avoid virus attack you must have to keep this off. In android phone virus doesn't attack directly. If they want to attack they first have to enter in your system and this could not happen without your permission, so think twice before installing software and giving permission, think of does he really needs permission to work apps on phone

If you keep unknown sources on then malicious apps will easily enter , when you click on ads such as your system is infected please install antivirus, or you are running out of space, etc. Please, do not click on such ads as this may install without your knowledge and these apps doesn't appear and do not have any icon. So it is hard to identify.

Conclusion- So to keep your android mobile phone free from virus attack switch off unknown sources and do not click on ads.

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