Friday, 6 November 2015

My mouse pad, keyboard, mouse is not working in windows 10

Microsoft has launched windows 10, some time unfortunately, keyboard, mouse or mouse pad stops working. this is due to problem with microsoft drivers they has mixed touch and desktop feature in windows 10.

  • Fistly you must check if you cable is loose or broken, if its ok then
For keyboard and mouse

  • restart your computer and press del, f1 or f2 which ever the key is, to go into your bios if you are easily going to bios then you keyboard is ok 
  • if, still your keyboard is not working then check it on other computer.
  • if, your keboard is working on other computer then check your drivers. Micrsoft may not written your keyboard driver, many of the people are facing this problem, if you have motherboard cd then install driver directly, there you will not find any keyboard driver, So you just install chipset driver this will solve your problem.
  • If, you dont have cd then open your cabinet and find, make of your mother board and model number and search on internet and download it you will find easily.
  • If, still not working then update your bios, your bios may be not supporting windows 10.
  • Many of the old motherboards not supporting windows 10 for this you have uptade bios. After updating bios your keyboard and mouse will start working.

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