Monday, 30 March 2015

How to setup configure iball baton wireless router

In India using internet connection is increasing and now people also want to connect Mobile phones and laptops to same broadband connection, so they buy WiFi router to connect these gadgets. In WiFi router, iball baton is popular as we get this instrument cheap in the market. Generally, people don't get someone to configure WiFi router or, they get they charge them approximate Rs. 200 to Rs. 500. In such cases, people try to do setup by themselves at home but could not succeed. 

I will show you how to setup iball baton WiFi router with broadband cable connection. Actually it is very easy. iball baton comes with two types of setup procedure some router comes with CD installation and some router configure on the browser by just typing IP address.

I am going to show you IP address method as, how to setup configure iball baton wireless router with broadband cable connection.

If you have working internet connection. then remove the wire from Ethernet connection and insert it to router WAN line.

Then, you would have got separate Ethernet cable in the box provided by iball baton, you connect this cable to one of the ports of router ranging from 1-4 it is also called LAN. Connect another end to NIC of computers using Ethernet cable.

Then plug in power connection to iball baton router instrument. 

Then switch on your iball baton router and if you have modem given by your ISP then switch it on. Then, switch on your computer.

After every instrument gets on then see 
  • Power led is in red colour 
  • WiFi in blue colour blinking then 
  • WAN in red colour blinking
  • and Ethernet if connected to LAN1 then see Green colour.
Now, go to the browser and type and enter in recommend to use google chrome. Then, you will be asked for username and password. so, default user id and password is 'admin' Here id and password is same.

Then, you will see the screen as seen above and select access point here you give any name to your network in column network name (SSID) by default name will be iball baton. Then select preshared key i.e password enter your password which you want to keep your WiFi network. and then save.

Here, You select PPPoE then, select a user name and enter user id or name provided by your ISP and then select a password and enter the password of your broadband provided by your ISP. (ISP-Internet service provider.) and then save.

Here, you can boost your wireless signal with the repeater. select wpa2 and in cipher suite select 'aes' this is important if not select this then on your network it will not ask password. then select passphrase and enter the same password as in first section. and save.

In this way, you can setup your iball baton router.

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