Friday, 27 February 2015

Railway budget 2015 ticket booking time changed from march 2015

Today budget shown by Suresh Prabhu he has declared that now, we can book railway ticket before 120 days earlier we would book ticket 60 days earlier.

Now, passengers have to plan their trip 120 days before. Mr. Suresh Prabhu thinks that he has done a great job of booking 120 days before from mar 2015. But, actually he has made agents work very easy. Most people don't plan their trip four months ago so, then agents will book all tickets and sell them at higher rates.

Due to this schedule cancellation of the ticket will also increase. This will benefit to the railway.
If he wants to give benefits to passengers then he would have started giving tickets before one month. One can wait for one month before to book ticket. 

I think passengers will irritate with 120 days waiting time.

Also, other features are also there like--

  • Bio toilets and vacuum type toilets will be provided in trains.
  • 5 minutes early we can take tickets for this they will provide teller machines in stations. 
  • Trains speed will increase up to 200 for 9 trains.
  • mobile phone charging and WiFi for some stations will be provided.
  • 8.5 lack cores will be invested in next 5 years.
  • surveillance camera will be fitted in ladies compartment for their safety.
  • You can now call toll free 182 for security with any problem in railway.
  • The display board will be shown on many stations which will be controlled centrally.
  • There are 3438 crossing and will avoid by building a road under and over bridges.
  • The quality of food will increase with and water dispensing machine for pure water.

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