Thursday, 5 February 2015

How to solve restart problem in computer/ pc

Now a days approximately every person has computer or laptop. We use computer daily as everything has came online eg. Paying bills, purchasing item, finding jobs, time pass etc. While doing all this our computer restarts. Then we find someone to repair and they charge heavily or sometime we cannot find person to repair. Here I will show you how you can solve restart problem in computer.

1. If you don't have antivirus installed then you must first install antivirus on your computer scan for any virus attack on your computer.  virus attack may create problem of  restart.

2. If your computer ram is low then also your computer may restart but before restarting your computer it will first hang up then restart. For this you can increase ram size or remove ram once and then start machine.

3. Your CPU fan may be loose. If it is loose then your CPU chip will heat and make your computer restart. You must check your cpu fan. If it is loose then tightened it.

4. Due to hard disk failure may restart your computer. To check whether your hard disk is faulty you may disconnect hard disk and boot computer using floppy, CD or flash drives. Or you can start your computer on bios which is also known as setup mode to enter in setup mode you have to press del or for some motherboard you have to press F1,F2 while booting PC. It should not restart in this mode if it your system does not restarts in this mode then you have replace hard disk.

5. Your motherboard may also restart your computer see whether there is any capacitor leaked. To check your motherboard disconnect everything keyboard, mouse, HDD, and ROM. Keep only motherboard, ram and CPU chip then start machine and enter into setup mode and if your computer restarts then replace your motherboard.

These are all practical things which you do at your own. If your are not confident about working at home then you should show it to expert. Where he will test and repair your computer.

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