Wednesday, 14 January 2015

How to make mobile phone fast of lowest version of android phone

We have android phone that  becomes slow then, we buy another phone and then again it becomes slow.

I will show you how to make Android phone fast.
In earlier version of android phone manufacturer provides with minimum internal memory as only approx 100MB and if you update play store and install few apps then your android phone internal memory becomes low and hence, make your phone slow.

For running android phone you require atleast 30 MB free space of internal memory. When you are running out of space your phone becomes slow.
To make your android phone faster you must have all your apps install on SD card. To do so, you must have root access. You have to root your phone. For every phone process is different to one of yours, go In google type your manufacturer name then model number and how to root. You will know the process as how to root your phone. Please note when you root your phone you void warranty of the phone.

After you root your phone you, Now its time to partition your SD card. Download mini tool partition on your computer then delete existing partition then make first partition as primary partition of fat32 and second partition as primary partition of ext2 of 1 GB. Then insert this SD card in phone and start phone.

Then, install link2sd app from play store and grant super user permission then open link2sd app and find app which you want to link to SD card and tap on create link  and you will see how your internal memory is increasing and your mobile is becoming faster. This app shifts all your apps to SD card.

In this way you can free up space of internal memory and mobile phone gets faster. Also, now you can enjoy additional apps on your phone.
Remember, rooting process for every phone will be different and if your phone is rooted then only you can do further process. For some rooting process is tuff. You may not understand the language or process. But every phone can be rooted but, you just have to search on Google.

In some of the mobile phone you just want to interchange sdcard with internal storage. I mean internal storage not internal memory. This process I will post in next post.