Friday, 6 November 2015

My mouse pad, keyboard, mouse is not working in windows 10

Microsoft has launched windows 10, some time unfortunately, keyboard, mouse or mouse pad stops working. this is due to problem with microsoft drivers they has mixed touch and desktop feature in windows 10.

  • Fistly you must check if you cable is loose or broken, if its ok then
For keyboard and mouse

  • restart your computer and press del, f1 or f2 which ever the key is, to go into your bios if you are easily going to bios then you keyboard is ok 
  • if, still your keyboard is not working then check it on other computer.
  • if, your keboard is working on other computer then check your drivers. Micrsoft may not written your keyboard driver, many of the people are facing this problem, if you have motherboard cd then install driver directly, there you will not find any keyboard driver, So you just install chipset driver this will solve your problem.
  • If, you dont have cd then open your cabinet and find, make of your mother board and model number and search on internet and download it you will find easily.
  • If, still not working then update your bios, your bios may be not supporting windows 10.
  • Many of the old motherboards not supporting windows 10 for this you have uptade bios. After updating bios your keyboard and mouse will start working.

Monday, 8 June 2015

Now booking tickets on IRCTC will become faster from 1 june 2015

We all know how the sites get hanged up  in the morning or while removing tickets on the tatkal basis, but now you can book as IRCTC has raised booking capacity from 7200 tickets to 1400 tickets per minute.

IRCTC has upgraded their servers which will double the booking tickets per minute. Earlier we were not able to buy tickets for tatkal as IRCTC websites used to get hanged up. 

Now we can easily remove tickets from IRCTC online. But now we have to see really, we can remove tickets fast on IRCTC website.
Please check and write in the comment area as this information is true or not.

Now you can cancel tatkal tickets and you will get 50% refund of tickets. Earlier, you could not get the refund against the cancellation of tatkal tickets. 

Now you can book you tatkal tickets as they have allowed different time zones for booking tickets if you want to book tickets for AC then you have to book between 10 am to 11 am and for booking non-AC tickets then you have to book from 11 am to 12 noon.

The railway will also launch tatkal special trains during the season. The whole train will be booked under the tatkal scheme and can be booked online and one day before.

Monday, 30 March 2015

How to setup configure iball baton wireless router

In India using internet connection is increasing and now people also want to connect Mobile phones and laptops to same broadband connection, so they buy WiFi router to connect these gadgets. In WiFi router, iball baton is popular as we get this instrument cheap in the market. Generally, people don't get someone to configure WiFi router or, they get they charge them approximate Rs. 200 to Rs. 500. In such cases, people try to do setup by themselves at home but could not succeed. 

I will show you how to setup iball baton WiFi router with broadband cable connection. Actually it is very easy. iball baton comes with two types of setup procedure some router comes with CD installation and some router configure on the browser by just typing IP address.

I am going to show you IP address method as, how to setup configure iball baton wireless router with broadband cable connection.

If you have working internet connection. then remove the wire from Ethernet connection and insert it to router WAN line.

Then, you would have got separate Ethernet cable in the box provided by iball baton, you connect this cable to one of the ports of router ranging from 1-4 it is also called LAN. Connect another end to NIC of computers using Ethernet cable.

Then plug in power connection to iball baton router instrument. 

Then switch on your iball baton router and if you have modem given by your ISP then switch it on. Then, switch on your computer.

After every instrument gets on then see 
  • Power led is in red colour 
  • WiFi in blue colour blinking then 
  • WAN in red colour blinking
  • and Ethernet if connected to LAN1 then see Green colour.
Now, go to the browser and type and enter in recommend to use google chrome. Then, you will be asked for username and password. so, default user id and password is 'admin' Here id and password is same.

Then, you will see the screen as seen above and select access point here you give any name to your network in column network name (SSID) by default name will be iball baton. Then select preshared key i.e password enter your password which you want to keep your WiFi network. and then save.

Here, You select PPPoE then, select a user name and enter user id or name provided by your ISP and then select a password and enter the password of your broadband provided by your ISP. (ISP-Internet service provider.) and then save.

Here, you can boost your wireless signal with the repeater. select wpa2 and in cipher suite select 'aes' this is important if not select this then on your network it will not ask password. then select passphrase and enter the same password as in first section. and save.

In this way, you can setup your iball baton router.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015 is one place to find offers on mobile from various popular site.

Nowadays people are mostly buying mobile phones online. Mostly every person searches for the best mobile phone with lowest price. We also search on every mobile phone site for an offer and their price.
In this activity we cant find good mobile phone as we become confused.

Now a phone days so many mobile phones are comming in market. Every company is launching new mobile phone every month. 

There are suppliers to this company and if we want a good quality mobile phone then we must search for reliable suppliers. 

One of the best processor is Qualcomm you might have heard about Qualcomm processor in specification of mobile phone.

There is another processor from mediate also know as MTK. These processor will find budget phone. This is also a good quality processor, but not Google as Qualcomm processor. 

The mobile in which Qualcomm processor is installed is a little bit costly, but hardware quality is no.1. 

To find best mobile phone online, I recommend In this single website you can search as per your budget, brand and specification as what you want your phone. 

It will show you all option available in the market.

If you select price it will show all available mobile phone will all brand     in that price band.

You can also compare various mobile phone and match their facilities. Then you can decide which mobile phone you want purchase.

If you select any phone then, it will also show you which website has lowest price. They give you list of website with the price. 

Then, we can select, where to buy the product. They have given a direct link to purchase the mobile phone.

I always use to purchase a mobile phone. You will also like this site to purchase from here.

If you have some other ideas then write it ob comment area.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

How to earn from online from fiverr website

While I am writing this blog many people might have know about This site is made for people who want hire their online work or hire services online in a very low cost. Also people who have some sort of skill they can sell their services or work for $5.

On fiverr you can sell anything for $5 per gig and one thing you must keep in mind that you get only $4 and $1 goes to fiverr company. You might be thinking why only $5 not less or more than $5 than i think they have studied the market and we can get many things for $5.

Fiverr is a great place to sell and you can offer many services ensure that you are following all the rules and regulations of this site. 

You will need positive feed back from customers and for this you have to give quality work with good customer support. If you have many negative feed back then your account will be deleted and without any prior notification and if you have any money inyour account then they will not pay you.

Fiverr account is free to join they don't take any free or yearly free from your account instead they take commission $1 from every gig.

You can create account with facebook account then will verify your account by sending verification link to your mail. evenif you dont have facebook account you can still login.

while creating account choose account name similar to your business as it will show that your profesional. 

You must see what your competitors are doing judge their quality and their feedback. This will let you know your place.

Keep in mind you have to sell item in a very short time. you should deliver before time otherwise your customer will annoy. while doing so you will it difficult to deliver on time but remember it will affect your feedback.

You may have to promote your gig on Facebook or twitter.

  • you can offer stock photos 
  • create promotional videos
  • manage website contents
  • create artistic photos
  • teach online
  • become assistant for 2 hrs.

Create a good looking gig starting with i will ...............for $5. 

You must choose high quality image as image talks. If you cant write much enough then your image should tell what you are offering and how is your quality.

Satisfy your customer if any thing goes wrong fix it before they give negative feedback negative feedback will affect your future lead. Be polite while conversation with your customer. Ask for any comments feedback before final review.

You can also outsource your work by other means on internet and give here fiverr will also make you profitable.

Friday, 27 February 2015

Railway budget 2015 ticket booking time changed from march 2015

Today budget shown by Suresh Prabhu he has declared that now, we can book railway ticket before 120 days earlier we would book ticket 60 days earlier.

Now, passengers have to plan their trip 120 days before. Mr. Suresh Prabhu thinks that he has done a great job of booking 120 days before from mar 2015. But, actually he has made agents work very easy. Most people don't plan their trip four months ago so, then agents will book all tickets and sell them at higher rates.

Due to this schedule cancellation of the ticket will also increase. This will benefit to the railway.
If he wants to give benefits to passengers then he would have started giving tickets before one month. One can wait for one month before to book ticket. 

I think passengers will irritate with 120 days waiting time.

Also, other features are also there like--

  • Bio toilets and vacuum type toilets will be provided in trains.
  • 5 minutes early we can take tickets for this they will provide teller machines in stations. 
  • Trains speed will increase up to 200 for 9 trains.
  • mobile phone charging and WiFi for some stations will be provided.
  • 8.5 lack cores will be invested in next 5 years.
  • surveillance camera will be fitted in ladies compartment for their safety.
  • You can now call toll free 182 for security with any problem in railway.
  • The display board will be shown on many stations which will be controlled centrally.
  • There are 3438 crossing and will avoid by building a road under and over bridges.
  • The quality of food will increase with and water dispensing machine for pure water.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

How to solve restart problem in computer/ pc

Now a days approximately every person has computer or laptop. We use computer daily as everything has came online eg. Paying bills, purchasing item, finding jobs, time pass etc. While doing all this our computer restarts. Then we find someone to repair and they charge heavily or sometime we cannot find person to repair. Here I will show you how you can solve restart problem in computer.

1. If you don't have antivirus installed then you must first install antivirus on your computer scan for any virus attack on your computer.  virus attack may create problem of  restart.

2. If your computer ram is low then also your computer may restart but before restarting your computer it will first hang up then restart. For this you can increase ram size or remove ram once and then start machine.

3. Your CPU fan may be loose. If it is loose then your CPU chip will heat and make your computer restart. You must check your cpu fan. If it is loose then tightened it.

4. Due to hard disk failure may restart your computer. To check whether your hard disk is faulty you may disconnect hard disk and boot computer using floppy, CD or flash drives. Or you can start your computer on bios which is also known as setup mode to enter in setup mode you have to press del or for some motherboard you have to press F1,F2 while booting PC. It should not restart in this mode if it your system does not restarts in this mode then you have replace hard disk.

5. Your motherboard may also restart your computer see whether there is any capacitor leaked. To check your motherboard disconnect everything keyboard, mouse, HDD, and ROM. Keep only motherboard, ram and CPU chip then start machine and enter into setup mode and if your computer restarts then replace your motherboard.

These are all practical things which you do at your own. If your are not confident about working at home then you should show it to expert. Where he will test and repair your computer.

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

How to make mobile phone fast of lowest version of android phone

We have android phone that  becomes slow then, we buy another phone and then again it becomes slow.

I will show you how to make Android phone fast.
In earlier version of android phone manufacturer provides with minimum internal memory as only approx 100MB and if you update play store and install few apps then your android phone internal memory becomes low and hence, make your phone slow.

For running android phone you require atleast 30 MB free space of internal memory. When you are running out of space your phone becomes slow.
To make your android phone faster you must have all your apps install on SD card. To do so, you must have root access. You have to root your phone. For every phone process is different to one of yours, go In google type your manufacturer name then model number and how to root. You will know the process as how to root your phone. Please note when you root your phone you void warranty of the phone.

After you root your phone you, Now its time to partition your SD card. Download mini tool partition on your computer then delete existing partition then make first partition as primary partition of fat32 and second partition as primary partition of ext2 of 1 GB. Then insert this SD card in phone and start phone.

Then, install link2sd app from play store and grant super user permission then open link2sd app and find app which you want to link to SD card and tap on create link  and you will see how your internal memory is increasing and your mobile is becoming faster. This app shifts all your apps to SD card.

In this way you can free up space of internal memory and mobile phone gets faster. Also, now you can enjoy additional apps on your phone.
Remember, rooting process for every phone will be different and if your phone is rooted then only you can do further process. For some rooting process is tuff. You may not understand the language or process. But every phone can be rooted but, you just have to search on Google.

In some of the mobile phone you just want to interchange sdcard with internal storage. I mean internal storage not internal memory. This process I will post in next post.