Sunday, 14 December 2014

Greenify, The best app to hibernate apps running in background

Many people buy smart phone and install many apps. After some time they feel that their phone is getting slow and battery is draining. Then they again install app to clean and boost phone, but nothing happens. Then they take antivirus still problem. 

At last they buy another phone of high processor and more ram, but they don't know that in android if you open an app then we press back button and we think that app is closed.

Android has given an option to hibernate each app. for this you have to go in app management where you see function like uninstall and move to sd card, there you also find one more button called force stop if you force stop that app if will go in hibernation and when you click on that app it again starts. 

Download Greenify app from Google play

But force stopping is very hectic work. each and every time and for every app we have to force stop, and we do not have much time to do so.

This work of force stopping every app is done by Greenify.greenify finds which app is running in background and force stops those apps. In rooted phone it works smothly. but not worry it works in non rooted phone also. 

Download Greenify app from Google play

In non rooted phone you have to make accessibility on for greenify. for this after you install greenify, go to setting then accessibility and there you will find greenify and then click on greenify and make it on then press yes. greenify will work in your non rooted phone.

You can also save battery as apps are in hibernation you processor and ram gets freed and you can get more battery life.

Download Greenify app from Google play