Saturday, 15 November 2014

How to earn money from mobile repairing and selling

Now a days every man has mobile. Many people has problems on his mobile. If you see any mobile shop you will find rush to repair a mobile or to buy new mobile.

If you are interested in repairing mobile then there many courses available in the market where will teach you how to repair mobile. You can search on google or in justdial for these courses. You must see who is teaching you practical knowledge. In this course there is hardware and software course you must have knowledge of both hardware and software because you might know which technique will solve the problem of handset.

Only getting knowledge is not sufficient you must have sufficient practical knowledge as well. For this you can join any shop where mobile is repaired and get sufficient practical knowledge of repairing. Because when you start your own business then you should be able to repair mobile.

Also, you can keep all types of mobile recharge so that people will know your shop and what else you have.

Approximately, you will earn from Rs.1000 to Rs.2000 daily depending upon your location of shop.

You also, keep mobile phones and their accessories for selling. On mobile selling you get approximately 10% profit margin. 

Many people need mobile repaired and they are in search of good person who can repair their mobile so give quality service so that people will know you can repair mobile and giving good service to them

You can also start mobile service centre of branded mobiles. This is also a good option when become expert then you can ask company for franchise of their company and in this way you will earn more money.

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