Monday, 8 September 2014

How to become rich from property dealing.

You can become rich faster then anything from property dealing. From the past, property dealing can make you rich. Many people you can see have become rich as they were dealing in property. Property many be of land, flat, shop, complex. Before dealing in property you must learn about paper work. for eg. what is 7/12, permission of government i.e everything about property.

Create a good name to your business so that people will attract and come to you to buy or sell property. Search for property near by your area and then search people who are in need of similar property. then, take a meeting and fix the deal. You ask for 2 % commission from booth side. This is much money and if you are new then you can go for renters. 

You can search for flats or any property who want to give on rent and then search for people who want flat or property on rent. If this deal is done then you can ask for one month rent.

If you earn some money then you search for property whose owners are in need of money and want  to sell flat. Then you buy those flats and sell them on a higher rates. In this way way can earn lots of money.

Going further, you can buy plots in newly developing area and build flats on it and sell them in this way you earn money. 

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