Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Use one drive for back up of photos and videos.

one drive is a product from Microsoft and in that you can store your photos and videos also you can store files. All your files are synchronized with pc, I phone or android phone. 

You must have a Microsoft account i.e hot mail account. You access your file anywhere you go. 

Microsoft is giving 15 GB of free space on cloud storage. They also give 1TB storage for Rs. 150 per month. If you have business an need file anywhere you go for eg. In office, at home and on mobile. You can access same file on mobile at home and in office. 

If your mobile phone SD card becomes crash. Then all your saved data, photos, and videos will not be recover. If you have songs or videos of  films which are downloaded then even if your SD card has crashed you can again download. But, if if have saved all your personal data, photos which you have clicked on mobile then you have lost it for ever. If you store all your photos and videos to one drive then you can again download it from your account.

Same is with computers, if your hard disk fails to detect or it is fully crashed then you cannot have your personal data or photos which you have saved in your computer. In this case, Also you can use one drive to store your data and whenever needed we can download it again.

My view is, You must backup your data on cloud storage, as your data may not be recovered. There are various companies which provide cloud storage such as dropbox google drive. Choose any storage but must backup your data.

Monday, 8 September 2014

How to become rich from property dealing.

You can become rich faster then anything from property dealing. From the past, property dealing can make you rich. Many people you can see have become rich as they were dealing in property. Property many be of land, flat, shop, complex. Before dealing in property you must learn about paper work. for eg. what is 7/12, permission of government i.e everything about property.

Create a good name to your business so that people will attract and come to you to buy or sell property. Search for property near by your area and then search people who are in need of similar property. then, take a meeting and fix the deal. You ask for 2 % commission from booth side. This is much money and if you are new then you can go for renters. 

You can search for flats or any property who want to give on rent and then search for people who want flat or property on rent. If this deal is done then you can ask for one month rent.

If you earn some money then you search for property whose owners are in need of money and want  to sell flat. Then you buy those flats and sell them on a higher rates. In this way way can earn lots of money.

Going further, you can buy plots in newly developing area and build flats on it and sell them in this way you earn money. 

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Best indian mobile phone in budget on today

Many people in India wants to buy mobile phones which are in their budget. So i am going to show you budget best android phone available in india.

Android Phone in budget with awesome features.

1. Micromax A106 unite 2.               RS. 6307 on flipcart.com
  • This phone comes with two variants 4 GB and 8 GB  internal space
  • has clock speed of 1.3 GHz  Quad core processor. 
  • Screen of 4.7 inch IPS display.
  • 5 MP camera with flash and autofocus, front camera 2 MP 
  • Android kitkat 4.4.2 which is the latest software from Android.
  • Support HD recording 720p
  • Supports external memory card of upto 32GB.
  • Ram of 1 GB with is quite much
  • Battery of 2000 mah.
  • Dual sim card slot.

2. Xolo Q600s            Rs. 6997 on Amazon.in
  • This phone is ultra slim 7.9mm
  • Clock speed of 1.2 GHz Quad core processor.
  • Camera of 5 MP with autofocus.
  • 4GB inbuilt memory.
  • Android kitkat 4.4.2 which is the latest software from Android.
  • Screen of 4.5 inch IPS display.
  • Ram of 1 GB which is quite good.
  • Supports external memory card upto 32 GB.
  • Battery of 2000 Mah.
  • Dual sim card slot.

3. Micromax canvas 2 A120 colours   Rs. 8320 on Amazon.in

  • This phone has big screen of 5 inch IPS display.
  • Clock speed of 1.3 GHz quad core processor.
  • Camera of 8 MP with autofocus and front camera of 2 MP.
  • 4 GB inbuilt memory.
  • Android gelly bean 4.2.
  • Ram of 1 GB which is good.
  • Supports external memory card of upto 32 GB.
  • Battery of 2000 mah.
  • Dual sim card slot.

Friday, 5 September 2014

Android one launching this month on 15th september 2014

Android is launching new mobile phone called Android one it will have good features in just $100 . As their details not yet opened but micromax spice and karboonn will help in making Android one.

They are expecting more from indian market and i think it will capture whole market as they will bring a budget phone. This phone is comming with 4.5 inch display and mtk will supply its motherboard.

lets see how will this phone will hit in indian market.

You can write in comment if there is any update about this phone.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Solution for internal memory getting full for A77 and similar mobile phones

Many people face problem on limited space provided by mobile  manufacturers. I will show you how yo clear your android internal memory space.

There is a option in your phone go to system settings- storage- and there you will find phone storage and bellow that you will find erase phone storage you can click on erase all data.

But be careful before erasing all data you must check your data on phone storage. Check all your photos. What's app videos, images and database will be deleted. For mobiles like A77 what's app data is stored in phone's storage.

Copy all your photos and what's app videos to your external memory.

Another way is risky but you can do it yourself. I mean that you can swap your phone SD card with external SD card. Here I will show you how to swap.

First you have to root your phone. To root, you can use frama root  click here to download frama root application for android which will root your phone automatically. It will ask you permission to grant so you then grant and then install ES explorer and  and then grant super permission then go to device folder in ES explorer and then go to etc folder and find file called vold.fstab Then click on it then click on text then click on es note editor then on right side there is menu and click on it and select edit then change Sd card 1 an sd card 0 and save. Then restart your phone and it is done you will see your phone sdcard and sdcard has interchanged.