Wednesday, 13 August 2014

How to repair your computer at home

I am using computer and, repair it at home for myself. I will today show you how to repair your computer by yourself at home.

  • Firstly, when you purchase computer you must take backup of your computer and also you can take image of your system and this facility is in system. For, that click on start and in accessories you will find backup option and system image option. Or, go to control panel and type backup you will find it. Once you have taken this backup then you can restore it at anytime. Suppose if your windows  OS get corrupt then you can restore from your system image and if format C then you can restore backup which will restore all your installed backup. you will see your computer as it was early before.

  • If your machine is dead and not starting then you can remove ram, clean the slots and again fit it. Your problem may be solved. Ram is a strip like card fitted on motherboard of your computer. There is notch on both site, you just have to push it outside and your ram will come out.
  •  If still there is a problem then while starting computer it will give you beep sound and you have to count those beep sound and search in Google for beep codes of your motherboard and you will know which part of your computer is affected.
  • If you are using internet or using pen drive of your friend then you must have licensed antivirus installed on your computer.
  • If your PC is slow then go to control panel - add remove program and find which of the software you don't use then uninstall those software. also, delete temporary file, in my case i have option in my antivirus to delete temporary files. other reason maybe your c drive space may be low, then free some of the spaces. 
  • Yearly you must clean your CPU fan as, it get dust inside the gaps and restrict to cool your CPU.
  • If you CPU not starting then there might be problem with your keyboard or mouse so disconnect keyboard and mouse and start computer if its start then there is problem with your mouse your keyboard. for checking whether mouse or keyboard is faulty then you can connect one by one and you will find the problem.