Sunday, 20 July 2014

What is tikona wifi password, How to connect mobile/laptop to tikona wifi.

Many people want to connect mobile or laptop to their tikona wifi network. They call customer care but they don't come and if they come they charge money to configure your tikona wifi with mobile /laptop.

I will show you how to connect your wifi mobile or laptop with your Ruckus modem provided from tikona.
I am going to configure Ruckus modem given from  tikona.

  • First switch on your ruckus tikona wifi router and see whether all the four led's are in green colour.
  • Switch on mobile wifi and see its showing tikona wifi then click on it. then it will ask you about wpa password. as shown bellow.

  • Then you enter password as :  0987654321 This password is default password for all ruckus router. If it is not connected then rest your router from back side. There is a rest button behind your router and then enter this tikona password
  • Then it will show you tikona wifi is connected. But still then you are not actually connected to internet. Many people stuck here. actually, only your wifi network is connected here.

  • After you have connected your wifi network then, you have to connect to internet, for this you have to open any browser of your mobile or laptop and then type and browse it will show you login page of tikona where you need to put your tikona user ID and Password. see pic bellow.
  • Finally, you are connected to internet and enjoy.

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