Monday, 7 July 2014

This my first post to world as how to become rich

To Start with, I am Sumit Sharma and created this blog to serve people to find their answers from internet and i will write here, whatever i know about this world.

I am here to tell you that i have come here give my thoughts to you. 

My basic reason, that i am here is to earn money from internet and i found that blogging is the best thing to earn. when you have spare time then you can blog for others and earn money from it. 

To take our study a deep further, that i read a book called one minute millionaire and in that the author says, You can only become rich only by four things.

Firstly by saving money, and not just saving money. His idea was that you save money and what remains you spend it. in this way you can become rich or in his word ''millionaire at your old age'' but this will benefit to your children s,

secondly, he says you become a property dealer for eg. buy and sell lands of flat or a shop. His idea is that buy such flats which in problem or the owner is in hurry to sell it, even for cheap price and we sell it for a high price and make profit. If you don't have money to invest then become a broker, at starting and help others to buy and sell their properties and earn commission from it.

Thirdly, he says that you invest in mutual fund or buy stocks. In stock market there is lot of money inside but for that you have to be very careful about which sock to buy. on the other hand, learn the details of stock market and do it as full time you will easily become millionaire.
and last fourth one which i liked the most and got inspiration to earn money part time is the Internet, the most interests me here is, we don't have to invest money and can become rich from internet marketing. he says, internet is a huge market and you can earn lots of money from it. but, i want to tell you one thing that nobody  can earn just sitting at home. for every penny you have to take effort and then only you become rich. 

Now, you may be having questions about how can we earn money from internet so, i want to tell you that this i a huge topic and i will discuss with you soon, but till then beware from spyware.

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