Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Internet is the best way to become rich

Internet is the biggest world to earn money. Most people don't believe, we can earn from internet. Its is because it is a virtual world where we cannot see it. In this world you did not have to invest any money, but you have to be very serious and particular on time of sitting on internet at least 2 hours a day. If you do this then you can earn money on internet.

Now, you will ask how? then i will tell you- you don't have to sell online any thing because if you want to earn money don't try to sell things online. because people now are buying from branded site. 

So, Now you may be asking Then how you will earn money from internet?- So the answer is from advertisement. Many big companies and organisations are investing on ads of internet. You may be watching advertisement over internet on every site so we have to earn from this advertisement. 

Now, next question is where will i get this ads for my site- obviously Google. Google has account called Google Adsense where you get ads and you can apply these ads to your site or blog by giving them a space to display ads. You get paid on every click or every page visitors see you page. The money you earn per click is very little but if you have good amount of visitors then your earnings are unlimited. 

Google gives blog for free called blogspot.com where can create blog for free and apply for adsense and start earning money. If  you have interest in collecting videos or you have good collection of videos then you can upload it to youtube and apply for adsense then they will show you adsense videos just before your ads and you earn lots of money.

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