Wednesday, 23 July 2014

How to Earn money online, Make money online.

Many people, Now want to know How to earn money online, make money online. I was also searching some day ago and failed and got trapped on fake products. Be careful while investing any money or time online as there are many fake sites who will ask you money in return of fake products or works.

I have found some of the ways as How to earn money online. for earning money online you must have desire to earn money online otherwise you won't earn any money. 

First you have to decide how you are going to earn money online from some of the ways bellow. Every day you have to sit on computer for at-least 2 hours daily. You have to spend days without earning but don't get frustrated and do not quit..

Set a target date from when you are going to earn money online. Every day you have to plan your work that, what are you going to do today?

Here i am going to show you some legitimate way to earn money online.

  • The best way to earn money online, I found is from blogging. Place google ads on your blogging site.There are many site which shows advertise from Google adsense. Google adsense is ad provider. Firstly, You have to create a blog, a free one you can get it from and wordpress where you can blog as i am doing here and apply for google adsense and earn money from it. You must have large number of visitors.
  • markets digital products online and almost all digit products are sold through clickbank and if you have a blog then you can sell their products online and get commission from clickbank. They gives commission only when their products are sold through your link.
  • If you have any skill like designing, website developing, auto-cad, or application creator or any other skill, then you can join, where many people wants work done from others and if you know about it then you can bid for that project and earn money online.
  • You can start online shop like, where you have to invest money in designing website and maintaining staff. there is also other way of opening online shop is from where you can sell new and old items online without any investment but, ebay charges 10 % commission on your sale 5% is their commission and 5 % is tax. 
  • is also one of the popular site to earn money where you can earn money instantly if you have skill. Here every thing is sold for $5. You can create logos, sing a song, write article etc.
  • You can also earn from domain flipping, where you have to buy domain name i.e website names which is more attractive and sell it on ebay or any other website where domain flipping is done.

  •  You also write e books and sell it online. the best site is where digital books are sold largely.

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