Monday, 21 July 2014

How to Advertise on facebook

Facebook is the best place to advertise online. Many people want to grow their business and want to advertise. My view is, stop advertising on newspaper, posters and wall. Now, its time for advance system to advertise in your selected area and here comes Facebook advertising. 

Facebook has millions of users who uses Facebook daily.You get Geo targeted customers or leads. All of your friends can see this advertise on right column of your Facebook page and you can decide in which place you want to show this advertisement then, Facebook show advertisement on people opening Facebook on those selected areas only. To Advertise right now on Facebook just click on this photo.

  •  You can create ads for various purposes such as Page Post Engagement, Page like, Clicks to website, Website conversions, App installs, App engagement, Event responses, offer claims.
  • People mostly like offers or discounts and get attracted towards it.

  • You have to plan for your advertisement. Decide what you want from your ads and then select which type of ad you want to do. I have selected clicks to website as i want visitors to my site. Then enter your URL as shown in fig. bellow and click on continue.

  • After that you can upload images to your ad as show in fig. bellow.

  • After that put headline to your ad and text bellow about your ad. please don't stop here click on show advanced options.

  • Put location where your customers will see this ad. this very important as you have to decide in area your ads must be shown.
  • Then, you will see all details bellow as shown in fig. bellow fill all details as per your requirement

  • Here you can set your budget for your campaign .
  • Here also you click on show advanced options.

  • Here you decide what  you want to monetize for clicks or impression you can select here.

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