Thursday, 31 July 2014

How to book online for Tirupati Balaji accommodation and Darshan guide

Everyday thousands of pilgrims visit lord Balaji in tirupati. We have to stand in line for booking accommodation(room) and dharshan. Here i will show you how to book online for Tirupati Balaji accommodation and darshan online. Many of us don't know how to book online and which site is original site of Lord Balaji. There are many site of Lord Balaji for booking and these sites are from agents and private hotels. I am showing you original site of Lord Balaji trust where they charge very less with good facility. I had booked on this site and had very wonderful trip to Tirupati

Temple committee has declared separate quota for online booking.
For online booking, official website is 

website looks like bellow pic.

  • Here you have to register/sign up on this site and For password put mixture of capital letters, small letters, numbers and one special character. 
  • Fill up the form and They will ask you for pan card id or licence id number so, please put original number. You may be asked for your idendity card, and will be checked when you reach Tirupati. 
  • Upload photo of your self. 
  • Then, confirmation email will be send to you. click on confirm link in your inbox of email and you are registered.

After you have Login you will see your site as shown in pic. bellow:

  • Here you select on e accomodation on top menu and here you can also check availability. if its available, then select on time slot.
  • select on date and choose on which category is available.
  • and upload photo, then press continue for payment option and when paid you print the reciept and show this when you reach at Tirupati and you wont have to wait in line.
For online darshan booking.

  • Here you select on e accommodation on top menu and here you can also check availability. if its available, then select on time slot.
  • Select on date and choose on which category is available.
  • and upload photo, then press continue for payment option and when paid you print the reciept and show this when you reach at Tirupati and you wont have to wait in line.
For online darshan booking.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

How to Earn money online, Make money online.

Many people, Now want to know How to earn money online, make money online. I was also searching some day ago and failed and got trapped on fake products. Be careful while investing any money or time online as there are many fake sites who will ask you money in return of fake products or works.

I have found some of the ways as How to earn money online. for earning money online you must have desire to earn money online otherwise you won't earn any money. 

First you have to decide how you are going to earn money online from some of the ways bellow. Every day you have to sit on computer for at-least 2 hours daily. You have to spend days without earning but don't get frustrated and do not quit..

Set a target date from when you are going to earn money online. Every day you have to plan your work that, what are you going to do today?

Here i am going to show you some legitimate way to earn money online.

  • The best way to earn money online, I found is from blogging. Place google ads on your blogging site.There are many site which shows advertise from Google adsense. Google adsense is ad provider. Firstly, You have to create a blog, a free one you can get it from and wordpress where you can blog as i am doing here and apply for google adsense and earn money from it. You must have large number of visitors.
  • markets digital products online and almost all digit products are sold through clickbank and if you have a blog then you can sell their products online and get commission from clickbank. They gives commission only when their products are sold through your link.
  • If you have any skill like designing, website developing, auto-cad, or application creator or any other skill, then you can join, where many people wants work done from others and if you know about it then you can bid for that project and earn money online.
  • You can start online shop like, where you have to invest money in designing website and maintaining staff. there is also other way of opening online shop is from where you can sell new and old items online without any investment but, ebay charges 10 % commission on your sale 5% is their commission and 5 % is tax. 
  • is also one of the popular site to earn money where you can earn money instantly if you have skill. Here every thing is sold for $5. You can create logos, sing a song, write article etc.
  • You can also earn from domain flipping, where you have to buy domain name i.e website names which is more attractive and sell it on ebay or any other website where domain flipping is done.

  •  You also write e books and sell it online. the best site is where digital books are sold largely.

Monday, 21 July 2014

How to Advertise on facebook

Facebook is the best place to advertise online. Many people want to grow their business and want to advertise. My view is, stop advertising on newspaper, posters and wall. Now, its time for advance system to advertise in your selected area and here comes Facebook advertising. 

Facebook has millions of users who uses Facebook daily.You get Geo targeted customers or leads. All of your friends can see this advertise on right column of your Facebook page and you can decide in which place you want to show this advertisement then, Facebook show advertisement on people opening Facebook on those selected areas only. To Advertise right now on Facebook just click on this photo.

  •  You can create ads for various purposes such as Page Post Engagement, Page like, Clicks to website, Website conversions, App installs, App engagement, Event responses, offer claims.
  • People mostly like offers or discounts and get attracted towards it.

  • You have to plan for your advertisement. Decide what you want from your ads and then select which type of ad you want to do. I have selected clicks to website as i want visitors to my site. Then enter your URL as shown in fig. bellow and click on continue.

  • After that you can upload images to your ad as show in fig. bellow.

  • After that put headline to your ad and text bellow about your ad. please don't stop here click on show advanced options.

  • Put location where your customers will see this ad. this very important as you have to decide in area your ads must be shown.
  • Then, you will see all details bellow as shown in fig. bellow fill all details as per your requirement

  • Here you can set your budget for your campaign .
  • Here also you click on show advanced options.

  • Here you decide what  you want to monetize for clicks or impression you can select here.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

What is tikona wifi password, How to connect mobile/laptop to tikona wifi.

Many people want to connect mobile or laptop to their tikona wifi network. They call customer care but they don't come and if they come they charge money to configure your tikona wifi with mobile /laptop.

I will show you how to connect your wifi mobile or laptop with your Ruckus modem provided from tikona.
I am going to configure Ruckus modem given from  tikona.

  • First switch on your ruckus tikona wifi router and see whether all the four led's are in green colour.
  • Switch on mobile wifi and see its showing tikona wifi then click on it. then it will ask you about wpa password. as shown bellow.

  • Then you enter password as :  0987654321 This password is default password for all ruckus router. If it is not connected then rest your router from back side. There is a rest button behind your router and then enter this tikona password
  • Then it will show you tikona wifi is connected. But still then you are not actually connected to internet. Many people stuck here. actually, only your wifi network is connected here.

  • After you have connected your wifi network then, you have to connect to internet, for this you have to open any browser of your mobile or laptop and then type and browse it will show you login page of tikona where you need to put your tikona user ID and Password. see pic bellow.
  • Finally, you are connected to internet and enjoy.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

How to earn money from event management

People are in search of various and different types of bussiness to earn money.

Now, I have come up with a new idea of earning money from event management. Event such as birthday party marriages and other get together parties. People dont have time from their daily routine work to arrange such parties.

And, here comes your work to arrange parties, functions, birthdays and marriages. You to just have to arrange thier party and charge money for it.

In this party there is lot of work involved such as decorating the hall,  you have to decorate hall in such a way that people should ask about it. You can use internet for getting idea of how to develop hall and theme setting. For decorating you may need beautiful clothes, posters of cartoons of celebrity.

You will need music system, cattering service. If you cannot do some of the extra thing, then you can hire cattering service. But, do remember deliver quality foods otherwise, these customers won't come back.

If you want an extra touch then buy some mascoats of Doremon, Donald duck, Mickymouse,etc.

You will also need some workers to work on your event management. There is lot of work involved in this event, such as erecting bamboos and arranging flowers etc,but you will earn good amount of money.

Overall, this business is the best business where you can earn lots of money without much investment. If you are thinking that this event requires more money to invest then you can hire every thing and just manage it. See then how much you earn.
If anyone likes your management then you will get customers right from that party. One thing always keep in mind that, always deliver good quality service and decoration and food.

Some of the event images you can watch here:

Monday, 14 July 2014

What is Revetron Engine from Tata Motors

Revetron Engine from Tata Motors is a First engine in 1.2 lit which is electronic turbo charged MPFI engine with 85 PS @ 5000 rpm and peak torque of 140 Nm @ 1750-3500 rpm. It has Advanced catalytic converter reduces toxic emmissions, Low friction crank case to silence the world out side.This engine has multi drive mode for eg. if you want to overtake than you can switch to sport mode and if you are driving in city then you switch to city mode and if you want to save fuel then select eco mode. This you can do right from your dashboard.
Company will put this engine in their upcomming cars called Tata Zest and Tatat Bolt in next month. Till then if you want to experience this engine then you can download game on ios and android called Tata Motors R challange and its link is here

Now they are introducing labs in every malls over 15 cities and you can experience this engine in theses labs.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Internet is the best way to become rich

Internet is the biggest world to earn money. Most people don't believe, we can earn from internet. Its is because it is a virtual world where we cannot see it. In this world you did not have to invest any money, but you have to be very serious and particular on time of sitting on internet at least 2 hours a day. If you do this then you can earn money on internet.

Now, you will ask how? then i will tell you- you don't have to sell online any thing because if you want to earn money don't try to sell things online. because people now are buying from branded site. 

So, Now you may be asking Then how you will earn money from internet?- So the answer is from advertisement. Many big companies and organisations are investing on ads of internet. You may be watching advertisement over internet on every site so we have to earn from this advertisement. 

Now, next question is where will i get this ads for my site- obviously Google. Google has account called Google Adsense where you get ads and you can apply these ads to your site or blog by giving them a space to display ads. You get paid on every click or every page visitors see you page. The money you earn per click is very little but if you have good amount of visitors then your earnings are unlimited. 

Google gives blog for free called where can create blog for free and apply for adsense and start earning money. If  you have interest in collecting videos or you have good collection of videos then you can upload it to youtube and apply for adsense then they will show you adsense videos just before your ads and you earn lots of money.

Monday, 7 July 2014

This my first post to world as how to become rich

To Start with, I am Sumit Sharma and created this blog to serve people to find their answers from internet and i will write here, whatever i know about this world.

I am here to tell you that i have come here give my thoughts to you. 

My basic reason, that i am here is to earn money from internet and i found that blogging is the best thing to earn. when you have spare time then you can blog for others and earn money from it. 

To take our study a deep further, that i read a book called one minute millionaire and in that the author says, You can only become rich only by four things.

Firstly by saving money, and not just saving money. His idea was that you save money and what remains you spend it. in this way you can become rich or in his word ''millionaire at your old age'' but this will benefit to your children s,

secondly, he says you become a property dealer for eg. buy and sell lands of flat or a shop. His idea is that buy such flats which in problem or the owner is in hurry to sell it, even for cheap price and we sell it for a high price and make profit. If you don't have money to invest then become a broker, at starting and help others to buy and sell their properties and earn commission from it.

Thirdly, he says that you invest in mutual fund or buy stocks. In stock market there is lot of money inside but for that you have to be very careful about which sock to buy. on the other hand, learn the details of stock market and do it as full time you will easily become millionaire.
and last fourth one which i liked the most and got inspiration to earn money part time is the Internet, the most interests me here is, we don't have to invest money and can become rich from internet marketing. he says, internet is a huge market and you can earn lots of money from it. but, i want to tell you one thing that nobody  can earn just sitting at home. for every penny you have to take effort and then only you become rich. 

Now, you may be having questions about how can we earn money from internet so, i want to tell you that this i a huge topic and i will discuss with you soon, but till then beware from spyware.