Tuesday, 18 February 2020

How to book the cheapest flight tickets online

Passengers travelling by flight has increased and so booking tickets online. Most of the passengers book tickets online or from the travel agents. And they charge a conveyance fee from Rs. 200 to Rs. 400 per person and per flight. If you are booking a ticket from Make my trip then they will charge you conveyance fee of Rs. 250 per person and if you are booking the return ticket then they will charge you of Rs. 500. today, I am going to tell you, How to book the cheapest flight tickets online.

Here are some of the common tips you should keep in mind while booking flight tickets online

1. Please clear cookies and cache from your browser or open browser in incognito mode. The price will soar each time you search

2. Try to book tickets as early as possible as rates go higher when travelling dates come closer.

3.  Search for different websites to compare prices and offers they give you, most popular websites make my trip, Goibibo, and yatra.

The site which I am going to tell you will never give you a discount or cashback but, surely you will save a huge amount of money while booking tickets in the lot.

This website name is https://www.air.irctc.co.in here you will not get discounts or cashback but you can save more money.

If you don't agree you can try booking from this site and compare to try booking from other popular sites. You will save approx Rs.4000 to Rs. 5000 if you are booking 9 tickets in one shot.

They charge you a fixed amount of Rs. 59  conveyance fee, as per person per flight, which is lowest in the market.


Sunday, 24 November 2019

Review of Redmi 8 mobile phone

In this world, everyone wants a smart mobile in his hand. And manufacturers are struggling in making good specification mobile. But once again now Xiaomi has brought a phone which has fulfilled customer's requirements in their budget.

This Mobile comes in Rs. 7999 with HDFC bank debit card 10% discount, You can purchase this mobile phone on Flipkart and MI website. If you ask me where is the easy pace to purchase, then I will say its Flipkart, I have two reasons to buy on Flipkart one is, they give the discount and another is this site is user-friendly. 

In this price range, they are offering 5000 mah battery which no manufacturers give us. even if they are giving 5000 mah battery the mobile phone is not much bulky. and, a big Ram if 4GB for greater speed performance and great storage 64 GB to save large stuff.

Second, the best thing is they are giving 12 MP dual cameras with Sony sensors. This picture Quality you will not find in the mobile phone has a 48 MP camera.

Third, the best thing for FM Radio lovers. Now, listen to music all day on the wireless FM radio

Fourth, they are giving gorilla glass 5 which is one of the best features in budget mobile phones. The overall look of the mobile is excellent. They also provide the latest software which is again customized according to hardware, hence combination runs fast and feels smooth.

The negative point is if we want to calculate, then it's the processor, is of the old type which is Qualcomm Snapdragon 439, but it doesn't matter if you are not playing big games or running big application. If you are using a mobile phone as a regular common man then this feature doesn't matter.

In this market, this is the only phone which gives bag full of features in only 7999. 

Again, if you are purchasing from Flipkart then you will get a good discount on the HDFC debit card, with a good exchange offer.

Saturday, 22 December 2018

How to increase 4G internet speed of Idea

Today, demand for internet speed is increasing and internet providers are also giving 4G speed. We need high-speed internet to watch youtube videos to facebook videos, sometime this internet gets slow even if we have a 4G pack. Here I am going to show you, how you can increase the speed of idea internet on the 4G enabled handset. Read the full article, and finally, after setting as I show you, you will be shocked at the speed of your internet.

There are two sets you have to do in your mobile to increase the 4G speed of the internet. One set is in your internet providers internet setting and another setting you have to do in your developer options which are in your phone setting.

1. The first setting you have to do, in access point names. You will find this setting in sim setting, in sim setting go to mobile network setting, in a mobile network setting you will find access point names. Here you have to delete all setting and keep which is the default. Open default APN setting here you have to change 

            >Name as IDEA 
            >APN as ideadata
            >MCC  no change
            >MNC  no change
            >authentication type as pap or chap
            >APN type as default, supl
            >APN protocol as IPv4/IPv6
            >APN roaming protocol as IPv4/IPv6
            >bearear as uncheck on unspecified and below unspecified select all
            >MVNO type as none

Keep other settings as not set. 
Then, restart your phone.

If your mobile data speed not increase then try this setting.

            >Name as IDEA 
            >APN as internet
            >MCC  no change
            >MNC  no change
            >authentication type as pap or chap
            >APN type as default, supl
            >APN protocol as IPv4/IPv6
            >APN roaming protocol as IPv4/IPv6
            >bearear as, only select LTE
            >MVNO type as none

My personal suggestion is keep both setting in your phone and change as per your requirement.

2. Second setting you have to do in developer options. In Some phone, this setting is invisible, so to view this setting you have to go in the main setting, here you have to go in (about phone) setting, here you will find (software version). Click on software version for about 5 times and it will show you the pop-up message as you are now a developer. Then find this (developer options) setting in your main phone setting. In this setting find (background process limit) here you will find setting is set to (standard limit) by default so, you have to set as (no background processes).

This setting will stop all your background processes and run only apps which are in front. You will also notice that your phone has working fast. 

Note- This setting changes to default after you restart your phone. So don't restart your phone after this setting. If any reason you restart the phone, then do this setting again. 

You will now see that your internet setting has increased. Thank you and if you have any problem then you can let me know in the comment box.