Saturday, 22 December 2018

How to increase 4G internet speed of Idea

Today, demand for internet speed is increasing and internet providers are also giving 4G speed. We need high-speed internet to watch youtube videos to facebook videos, sometime this internet gets slow even if we have a 4G pack. Here I am going to show you, how you can increase the speed of idea internet on the 4G enabled handset. Read the full article, and finally, after setting as I show you, you will be shocked at the speed of your internet.

There are two sets you have to do in your mobile to increase the 4G speed of the internet. One set is in your internet providers internet setting and another setting you have to do in your developer options which are in your phone setting.

1. The first setting you have to do, in access point names. You will find this setting in sim setting, in sim setting go to mobile network setting, in a mobile network setting you will find access point names. Here you have to delete all setting and keep which is the default. Open default APN setting here you have to change 

            >Name as IDEA 
            >APN as ideadata
            >MCC  no change
            >MNC  no change
            >authentication type as pap or chap
            >APN type as default, supl
            >APN protocol as IPv4/IPv6
            >APN roaming protocol as IPv4/IPv6
            >bearear as uncheck on unspecified and below unspecified select all
            >MVNO type as none

Keep other settings as not set. 
Then, restart your phone.

If your mobile data speed not increase then try this setting.

            >Name as IDEA 
            >APN as internet
            >MCC  no change
            >MNC  no change
            >authentication type as pap or chap
            >APN type as default, supl
            >APN protocol as IPv4/IPv6
            >APN roaming protocol as IPv4/IPv6
            >bearear as, only select LTE
            >MVNO type as none

My personal suggestion is keep both setting in your phone and change as per your requirement.

2. Second setting you have to do in developer options. In Some phone, this setting is invisible, so to view this setting you have to go in the main setting, here you have to go in (about phone) setting, here you will find (software version). Click on software version for about 5 times and it will show you the pop-up message as you are now a developer. Then find this (developer options) setting in your main phone setting. In this setting find (background process limit) here you will find setting is set to (standard limit) by default so, you have to set as (no background processes).

This setting will stop all your background processes and run only apps which are in front. You will also notice that your phone has working fast. 

Note- This setting changes to default after you restart your phone. So don't restart your phone after this setting. If any reason you restart the phone, then do this setting again. 

You will now see that your internet setting has increased. Thank you and if you have any problem then you can let me know in the comment box.

Sunday, 25 November 2018

Do we really need any antivirus for android phone.

The answer is NO, If you are thinking that antivirus will kill all your viruses from your phone, then you are thinking wrong, play store scans for viruses in every app which is present on it. Android is Linux base and it is safer than windows OS. All viruses are built for windows and windows virus does not enter in an android software. Platform for both software are different, and it is difficult to enter in android phone OS. Now a days android is becoming more secure and these virus makers doesn't know how to enter.

STILL, Your phone hangs up and do mischievous behavior and you think that my phone is attacked by virus. Yes, when you feel symptoms of virus attack, then your phone is attacked by virus. But, when this happens? 

Do not keep your mobile phone doors open to install apps in your phone. To close this door go to settings - privacy - unknown sources, if it is on then you might be allowing malicious apps to install on your phone. So, to avoid virus attack you must have to keep this off. In android phone virus doesn't attack directly. If they want to attack they first have to enter in your system and this could not happen without your permission, so think twice before installing software and giving permission, think of does he really needs permission to work apps on phone

If you keep unknown sources on then malicious apps will easily enter , when you click on ads such as your system is infected please install antivirus, or you are running out of space, etc. Please, do not click on such ads as this may install without your knowledge and these apps doesn't appear and do not have any icon. So it is hard to identify.

Conclusion- So to keep your android mobile phone free from virus attack switch off unknown sources and do not click on ads.

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Labour contract business with no investment good income

Labour contract  is a business in which you can earn money without any investment. Today, Labour contract business is in boom. If you want to start business without income then this will be your good choice. Many companies like manufacturing, building, stichting, gardening, cleaning requires manpower. If you have man power then you can start this business and you will earn commission on every person working under you.

Initially, you will require documents such as licence of labour contract, ESI, PF, GST and udyog Aadhar to start this business, if you approach any company they will ask for these documents. That time you should have documents ready to show them. You will require to open current account in any bank, prefer opening account in government bank. You will then require office to operate. While starting you can do this from your house. After you think that you are stable then rent a shop for your office.

Now, you will require candidates. You can put advertising in newspapers where you will get candidates to work. You also put on social network for your job placement. Or, you can visit places where there are not much industries, while you appointing candidates, collect all documents in Xerox copy of Aadhar card, pan card, address proof, and police verification. So, that if anything happens you can catch then.

In labour contract you can earn money in commission basis. If you are giving ₹10000 payment to your employees then you will get 10% commission from them. Take full payment from employer and give only 90% to your worker. In this way if you have 100 workers in your contract then you are approximately earning 1 lack ruppees in Indian currency. You can also earn money by saving your tax.

Initially you have to face problems of workers, but if you are good in communication then you can handle it. Even, you have to keep patience because when you start you might feel little hard to handle, but for this you have to keep patience, once you are there in business for about 6 months then it will be easy for you to handle situations, always speak politely with you worker and try to sort out their problems. You have to maintain muster attendance and make time to time payment to your worker.

This is a good business without any investment, you need investment only in making documents then your work starts.
Best of luck.

Friday, 2 November 2018

I want to make website like Amazon

If you are thinking that you want to make website like Amazon then is is very simple you just become a seller on Amazon. Yes, Amazon is only market place where you can sell your stuff online. when, you buy from amazon then you are not actually buying from amazon but from merchant who is selling on amazon. For selling on amazon, they take commission and delivers yours item. they not only delivers but also they come for pickup.

 This is the right time to start on Amazon, as it has just started. You will have big market place to sell. you will not only sell in your region, district or state but you are going to sell in your country. Think how big market place it is. 

If you are still thinking to start your own website like amazon then drop it and start selling on amazon. for selling on amazon you will only require GST number in India and bank account number.

It is very easy to register and when you start registering they call us and guide us. 

After registering, add products to your account to sell on amazon then select whether you are going to apply free delivery or you are applying any delivery cost, after that you can apply for ad on Amazon so that you came come up and seen by many people. ad is optional if you want.

then, after you got order you will have to pack the item and print what amazon has given in your login and don't forget to print label.

You have to assign a time for courier boy to come at your place. He picks up your parcel and delivers to customer and you get payment from amazon. that amazing isn't it. 

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Review of redmi note 3

Redmi note 3 is has sold 6 lack piece in this week. It has good configuration and due this this hand set has became popular in few days. Mainly it has 16 mp camera in low price, Qualcomm processor and ram of 2 GB with 16 GB internal memory.

    I recently purchased this handset it is awesome in performance and camera quality is also best. But one thing they forgot that this handset doesn't have gorilla glass a plan glass touchpad and border is also very this, due to this handset becomes delicate and if fallen a once then it's touchpad gets broken.

         My handset fallen once from only one foot and its screen got broken. If you already have purchased this handset then be careful using this redmi note 3 handset. Avoid falling, and put one tempered glass guard. I was also having glass guard still it broken because it fallen by side. For this you use rubber back cover.

       I again say please do not purchase this handset as it is not reliable. You will put your hard earned mony. And if it gets broken then our mind doesn't work.

You can buy handset which has unbreakable touch pad such as gorilla glass or dragon trail.

24 hours are enough for your day, not mine!!

There are 24 hours in a day, but it appears as though some people manage to accomplish more than others. Why is this? Some people associate high achievement with luck, but the reality is far from it. The secret to being a high achiever is concentrating on the most important things and allocating less time to the less important things. This is easy to say because it will mean that we don’t have to do some things which we consider important. This is where time management comes in as a tool for achieving more within whatever time you have available.

Create a to-do-list

Have you ever woken up in the morning but you have no idea of what you are supposed to do yet you have so many deadlines. If you do not make a note of everything you need to do in a certain day, you will not be able to effectively allocate time to each activity. Try waking up every morning and writing all the activities you are meant to do. Write them in whatever order at first and later you can order them according to priority.


Some people think that delegating has a direct correlation with laziness. This is especially true if you work in a management position where people expect you to work proportionately to how much you earn. You might manage to do everything in your job description for a while until you burn out and work becomes boring. Are there tasks in your to-do-list that you can explain to someone else within a short time for them to do? These are the tasks to delegate but bear in mind that you still have to keep checking on the progress and assess the final outcome.

Make time for family

Family is the only institution from which you will find true feedback and positive energy all the time. When you wake up early in the morning to go to work or school and return late in the evening when everyone is asleep you miss out on the chance to recharge your mind with positivity for the next day. Depending on the requirements of your schedule, create time early in the day or evening to just sit and laugh with family members. You do not have to talk about anything in particular, even sitting and watching a television program together makes great impact.

Every day is a new opportunity to aim at greatness and it requires deliberate action to make it happen. Do not be in a hurry to get through life but rather take your time to enjoy every moment that life presents by being present.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Whatsapp has started in Windows PC and Apple desktop

Whatsapp has started in Windows PC and Apple desktop. Now WhatsApp is in all platform. On tuesday 10th may 2016 whatsapp has launched for desktop, and now we can use it on PC or Desktop. Whatsapp will only run on PC having windows 8 or above.
   I personally searched on windows 10 store there I didn't find any Whatsapp application.


        If you really want to use whatsapp on windows desktop then visit there you will find suitable application for your desktop then download the application and install on your computer. After opening Whatsapp it will ask to scan QR code. Then open Whatsapp on your handset and open setting there you will find Whatsapp web. Click on it and camera will start then go move your camera on QR code shown on computer. Hurrah you have activated whatsapp on windows PC and enjoy.